Friday, July 19 2024

top6It’s been a long, eventful and a well deserved Big Brother Mzansi journey, we’ve come a long way, not so? We’ve been entertained for 62 days so far by our dear housemates and now we only have a bunch of 6 who managed to make it to the grand finale slated for tomorrow.

All the stakes and hopes are high especially among the audience, the social platforms are all busy with fans gunning for support and  as many votes as they can for their particular favourite housemates.

Tomorrow, either Iris, Kat, Loko, MK, Mandla or Sol will walk home R1 million richer, whoever wins will have their lives changed for the better.

As of now, we hardly have any idea on who will be taking home the prize but one thing for sure, it must be one of these 6 very unique and interesting characters.

We feel each one of them deserves the molla and only wish that they could all win but Biggie will only award the last man/woman standing.

All the best to the whole bunch!

-By-Bigg Mzansi

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