Tuesday, April 16 2024
12:40 Kay tells Ntombi and Bongi how she started smoking while the trio chills in the patio.
12:05 Ntombi offers to advise Biggie during her joint nomination session. This after she and her man Ace nominated Bongi and Khali.
11:50 For Pumba and Kay, K2 and Blue have to go because K2 hasn’t come out of his shell. Tiffini and Gino nomnated Khali and Bongi, stating that they have changed. Blue and K2 go for Chelsea and Mbali. “This cleaning thing is just for them to be liked by everyone,” Blue says. 
11:40 Bongi and Khali get the boot from Lebo and Ex. Bongi and Khali decided on Bexx and Soxx stating that they are putting on a show. “It just got real, we not holding punches any more,” Khali said.
11:30 While deliberating on their decision, the dreadlocked pair of Sibu and Matthias had two driving factors: they were not going to nominate a pair from the second launch group and they were to go for a pair that’s the most likely to be nominated. They decided on Tiffini and Gino, so did ex-lovers Adams and Tembi. “They are forgettable,” Adams said. Well, Matthias also asked Biggie to refresh his memory on last night’s nominations, blaming the alcohol for forgetting. 
11:15 Nominations commence with the girl duo, Mbali and Chelsea. After dilly-dallying a bit, they settle for Ntombi and Ace.”Just ’cause we have to nominate someone,” Mbali said. Cousins Bexx and Soxx nominate Bongi and Khali. “I still don’t get along fine with Khali. She’s always trying to steal the limelight,” Soxx said, while Bexx added that “She’s kinda in your face,” referring to Khali.
11:11 Khali is braiding Matthais’s hair. Should Bongi be jealous?
09:41 Sibu reveals he has been arrested 10 times in his life.

09:30 Mbali explains the massive scar on her thigh that she got from breaking into her own house just a week before she came to the Big Brother house.
09:17 Khali does laundry for Bongi and herself while he keeps her company and wonders what her mom would think about her doing her boyfriend’s laundry. Is she playing wifey too soon?

09:06 Tembi flaunts her cooking skills.

09:00 The housemates fill their bellies after a hectic workout.


Former Big Brother Mzansi Housemate, Lexi, disdains new Housemates


Khali doing wifey roles to her Husband Bongi


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