Sunday, April 21 2024

finaleThe long awaited moment is upon us and if we had to end things off, we were definitely doing it with a bang for tonight’s grande Big Brother Mzansi Finale. Our beloved Lungsta crooned in as if lifted from the pool of swag itself in a black penguin ensemble.

It was certainly no Secret that the Big Brother Mzansi stage was the place to be tonight with the seasons Stars perched royally in an Amphitheatre at Lungsta’s dapper side. The ghosts from Big Brother Mzansi past sauntered out in the form of the twelve Evicted Housemates who were decked out like kings and queens on a table of roulette.

Tonight a winner will be announced! And in spectacular Big Brother Mzansi Secrets style, Biggie has kept this one last delicious Secret from them. In all fairness though, the remaining top six Housemates had to have been the only people on planet earth who hadn’t a cooking clue of their fate unfolding in only a matter of moments. It was, after all, the season of Secrets.

To usher us into an unforgettable Finale was none other than Motswako rapper extraordinaire Kuli Chana who unfurled onto a seething stage like a bat out of haunted castle. The crowd went buck wild as he laced lyrical with Da Les, Magesh and ever original DJ Raiko on the turn tables.

Talk about a way to thrash down and sail out with a humdinger of Secret to leave this top six stunned for the count.

Who will be the winner of the first ever season of Big Brother Mzansi Secrets?

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