Saturday, July 20 2024
Not long ago, K2 expressed how he let himself fall for Blue so he can be happy.  How he wanted to hold her hand and fall asleep together in the same bed and how much he wanted to have babies. “The more time I spend with you, the stronger us becoming”. 
Those were his words when he tried to get on Blue’s pants. When you looking for something, you try to put forward your best possible self and K2 would do anything to get into Blue’s bed.
He already knew what Blue was like but she did not know what to do and maybe she should have allowed the chemistry evolve to see what could happen.
Not every flirt crush ends happily, even worse K2 had given Chelsea a piercing tour of his lips more than once and he asked her if they could have an open relationship.  Chelsea is playing her game and she stated that she had Matthiaswrapped around her fingers but no longer sleeps in his bed.
We wonder how things will work out and there’s was a possibility that things could work out between K2 and Blue if their relationship evolved flirts in love. 
Will Chelsea create some pressure between her and Blue not deliberately or is it part of her game plan to get the boys on her side? 

Day 11: Sparks fly between Tiffini and Thembi!


Blue meets K2 and Matt

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