Friday, July 19 2024

Becoming a celebrity comes with it lots of good things but aside from that, there will always be the critic, haters, impersonators and the likes with a goal of either making money out of someone’s name or try to bring them down among other selfish motives.
Big Brother Mzansi season1 contestant Lexi Van is apparently the latest victim of social media foul play after a fake Facebook page ‘Laxi Van’ was opened in her own names and the owner has been asking people for money.
See message the real Lexi shared with her fans; “Please note:
A fake ‘Lexi Van’ is inviting FB people. Guys, I do not send friend requests or accept any friend requests. If I have you as a friend on my personal FB, i wont re-invite you. You either ‘LIKE’ the fan pages or I’d send friend requests ONLY if I know you. DO NOT ACCEPT!!


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