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Big Brother Mzansi season 3 housemate Themba conducted an exit interview were he shared everything about the game, family and the way forward.

Themba Mabaso known by many as ‘The Ghost’,others Dracula, was one the top five housemates of the recently concluded season of Big Brother mzansi, season 3. He was tipped by many to win the competition basing on his fanbase “The Ghostnation”although luck and votes didn’t go by his side. He finished third below Mpho (1st, winner) and Gash1(2nd, first runner-up).

Themba shared some of his thoughts on how he played the game ‘like a boss’ and how he got into people’s heads making them believe in him. He said that he was just himself.

“Just myself, the things I did in the house, I’m just proud of the things I did in the house, ” he said.

Themba also spilled the beans on who absolutely irritated him when he was in the house.

“It was clear, Nale irritated me. I don’t even hide it, she irritated me but it was a game and I don’t think I will take those things outside the house, it was just a game. She continuously irritated me because she always accused me of terrible stuff, ” Themba says.

Themba and Nale
Nale cautioning Themba

On what he would do differently if he had a chance, referring to the alliance in this case, Themba said he would totally do nothing.

“Definitely keep that alliance because I don’t think there’s anything I could have done differently to change the odds of what happened. I’m just proud of where I got and how I got there, “says Themba.

Speaking on what motivated him to keep in the game, Themba says he motivated himself.

“I have always been motivated all the time, so I motivated myself and obviously a couple of times just thinking of my family, my kids,” he said.


Themba kids
Themba’s kids
Themba's grandmother
Themba’s grandmother

On who he looked up to in the house, Themba said nobody.

“I did’t look up to anybody in the house, I looked up to myself because I felt like the strongest person and people didn’t see me coming. I felt like the winner, being in the top 5 felt like I’m a winner already. I felt like a winner from the time I walked into the house, its just that people didn’t see it coming and it worked to my advantage”

Themba and Mpho

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On what he would like to do now that the show is over, Themba said:

“Definitely making my tattoo shop bigger and 100% I want a reality show as you know nobody has reality show with tattoos in Mzansi. Just to open people’s eyes, basically my lifestyle, how we live as tattoo artists. Open people’s eyes because they have a wrong perspective with tattoos, they don’t understand so I want to open their eyes. Even me being on the show opened a lot of people’s eyes, people got to see that I have kids, I’m a normal person”

Themba also wants people to know that as a tattoo person he prays to God not any other thing that they think is out there.

“I thank my entire family for the support, I Thank God for being with me the whole time and I want people to know that I believe in God”

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