Tuesday, April 16 2024
final diaryIt’s the Final Diary Sessions and Housemates looked spectacular, glammed up to the max but despite the glitz and refinery, they all knew that Biggie had something rather big up his sleeve.

Roll on the Live Show at 18:00, our final six won’t know what hit them. Is that panic we smell in the air, Housemates?Iris first in the Diary Room, Housemates seem more excited than usual. Iris couldn’t stop talking about her fans, that’s you Mzansi, so a big shout out to you.Kitty-Kat showed no sign of nerves and was quite happy to leave the House today if it’s her time; Kat, your wish is our command. Her best moments? When she called everyone Satan in the House and the House thought that she’d lost her marbles.

So did we, Kat. And as with Iris, dinner in the sky blew her mind, a once in a lifetime experience, we were super jealous when we were watching.Loko was suspicious in her Diary Session, she wondered why everything was starting earlier, “why ar we starting earlier, Biggie, what’s up? What do you have planned? Everything seems so quick tonight, boom, boom, boom, boom.”

Biggie never lets anything slip, “Biggie has his reasons” and then proceeded to tell her a morbid joke a possible plane crash and if it’s your time it’s your time. Happy times, Biggie.Mandla wants to be remembered as honest and playing the game authentically. He gave a shout out to his fans and he hopes Mzansi, that you enjoyed watching him. Mandla, we loved every minute of watching you.

MK is a calm MK today and reckons that he’ll be in the Diary Room on Tuesday, safe from Eviction. Mistake MK! He too was suspicious about the early start and why were the Diary Sessions starting so late?

Either way, whatever was going to happen, MK of the House knew that it would blow both the Housemates and audiences away.Sol of the House was very dubious about the early Diary Session start and knew there was something up. He based this on Biggie’s generosity with the Shap Shaps, Biggie rewarding the House with medals and the mega reward of dinner in the sky.

It’s amazing that these guys are not exposed to anything that is going on but all know that something is up. Talk about the human sixth sense. Biggie did tell Sol

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