Saturday, July 20 2024
Full name: Norman Nhlapo

Age: 24
Hometown: Johannesburg via Pretoria
Occupation: Daycare worker

This athletic 24-year-old describes himself as a family man and is especially close to his mother and siblings. Norman says he is a calm and warm person with an adaptable personality because he’s moved around a lot.

He prides himself with being a people’s person and a good listener. He loves easily and confesses he’s a hopeless romantic. He enjoys listening to people and being there for others. He dislikes bullies, so he will always stand up for people who are being picked on.

Nkuli runs a non-profit organisation and daycare with his mother. He hopes to show people the things they love but don’t speak about. His strategy is to show compassion, love and authenticity. He says he is very good at manipulating and reading people: “I am a puppeteer.”


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