Saturday, July 20 2024

lungile finalFirst of all Mzansi, we thank you for all your Big Brother Mzansi Secrets love, you kept us company, you made us laugh and we really couldn’t have done it without you.

Our Facebook and Twitter pages went from zero to hero as you got involved in the Big Brother Mzansi fun. Facebook sits on just 16,900 Big Brother Mzansi fans and Twitter over 1,750. Boom! You did that.Lungile took us through who you thought was going to win the moolah and you threw back your favourite Housemate, fingers crossed, we hope your bestie wins.

We asked you for some of your social media predictions and once again, you delivered. Responses were mixed because everyone has their favourite, favourite.

Competition has been fierce, there have been some strong personalities in the House and all of them unique. We’ve had Sol of the House talking to well, anything that would listen, Kitty-Kat and her wicked ways in the kitchen, and the awesome dancer that was Loko.

The sensible one that was MK, the eavesdropper that was Iris and the straight-laced Lexi-loving Mandla. Every Housemates brought something different to the party and appealed to you guys for different reasons and when you found your Housemate of choice, you stuck with them till the bitter end. Let’s take a look at what you had to say about the Milli Meter Club potential winner.

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Kat and Iris play for Lovers Plus cash


Sol, Kat and Loko Evicted

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