Tuesday, April 16 2024

Its like everytime Mandla and Lexi  reality show airs, the viewers get to twitter to through jabs at Lexi who is also known for not allowing to swallow jabs but rather clap back. The Wednesday night was no different from the usual ones, Lexi took some haters on a blast.

It all started when Lexi’s brother brought home a new girlfriend for dinner, and like all overprotective sisters, Lexi launched an interrogation into her motives.

Mandla called Lexi out on ‘the attack’ later that evening but she was having none of it, and told Mandla exactly what she thought. Viewers who seemed to side with Mandla took aim at Lexi calling her all sorts of names.

Is this the life that Mandla has chosen vele 😨😨 Lexi is too fucking rude. So rachet were there no respectful girls in Vaal 👐😨 #MandlaAndLexi

— Sade Langa (@hugstablesade) August 24, 2016

Lol mandla seems to be in an abusive relationship 😂😂😂 #MandlaAndLexi

— IG : Not2Cool_Thato (@THVTX) August 24, 2016

Lezi needs help, she’s harbouring a lot of hate and she’s a gold digger #MandlaAndLexi

— Pinkiilynn (@nabobog) August 24, 2016

However, Lexi who is a clap back queen of note, showed her haters who’s boss. “Do you have a remote? Change the channel. Thanks for adding to the ratings and moola. We need more of you,”Lexi told one of her haters. Lexi also told her haters not to be fooled by her pretty face. “Don’t let the pretty face fool you. I am a beast.”

I put the HOT in psychotic https://t.co/BSiVqMU94M

— Mandla&LexiS2 (@van_lexi) August 24, 2016

@van_lexi Hun, there’s no way I’m watching that trash again…

— Hilda van engelen (@The_real_sulezi) August 24, 2016

@van_lexi You have to care when you’re losing viewers….it shows how KAK the show is when you also don’t watch it.

— Hilda van engelen (@The_real_sulezi) August 24, 2016

So some of you,don’t know what to call ya, should not come for me. Disrespect or attack me,without reason, should enjoy receiving in return

— Mandla&LexiS2 (@van_lexi) August 25, 2016

I’m not a people’s pleaser. And I’m not gonna fake being nice to anyone. My heart doesn’t like it!

— Mandla&LexiS2 (@van_lexi) August 25, 2016

Then don’t attack or insult me because I’m NOT the way you want me to be!

— Mandla&LexiS2 (@van_lexi) August 25, 2016


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