Thursday, July 18 2024

cleanThe Big Brother Mzansi boys’ duo; MK, Sol and Mandla proved that not only are they good at treating the ladies appropriately but also showcased their grooming habits and got busy earlier on in the day.

It had been the case that whenever the housemates woke up every morning, they’d shortly return to their beds but this wasn’t the case as the boys embarked on a cleaning spree of the house as the ‘girl band’ took a well deserved rest.

With Sol taking over the kitchen section, MK doing the washing and ironing and Mandla concentrating on the sweeping and mopping, the boys left no stones unturned.

Gone are the days when such work was done by the ladies, today, real men can do what the ladies do thus the boys proved how times have indeed changed.

After the cleaning up session, the house looked more tidy and organised and when the ladies finally came back from slumber, they acknowledge the boy’s efforts.

Some great work there boys’, keep it up Mandla, MK and Sol!

-By-Bigg Mzansi

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