Tuesday, April 23 2024
It’s Easter and what better game to play than an Easter egg hunt. It being Bigie, there will always be a twist and this time is no different. Pairs will be competing against each other in two rounds, the first being the Easter egg hunt and the second one being the final round, Something fishy. 
The Easter egg will require one member of each pair to become a bunny mascot, each team will decide who will be the bunny and who will stand behind the white line. After agreeing who would be who, housemates are to be given two minutes to suit up and take their places. Biggie explains the rules of the game. There are Easter eggs everywhere in the arena, the majority iof the eggs are painted in diferent colours and only a few are painted gold. The rules are as follows: 
The clearly marked white line on the floor will seperate the partners. All the bunnies are to stand in front of the white line on the side where the eggs are planted. Each bunnies partner is to stand behind the white line with their back to the wall. 
The bunnies would be blindfolded and the object of the game is for their partners to guide them to where the gold eggs are placed. Housemates guiding the bunnies from behind the white lines are not allowed to cross over the white lines, if they do, they will be immediately disqualified. Biggie’s Ninja will spin each bunny around to make sure they lose all sense of direction. All nine couples will search simultaneously. Shouls a bunny believe they have found a golden egg, they must return to their partner and place the egg into a bowl. The game will last for five minutes and the three teams who collected the most eggs will advance to the second and final round. 
Biggie asked the housemates to stand behind the white line. Biggie’s Ninja blindfolds the bunnies and spins them around. The buzzer sounds and a cacophony of noise and confusion as each pair tries to guide their bunny, “Pumba, oh Pumba” Kay is most vocal of all. The bunnies crawl and trip over each other and each bunny does their best to gather as many golden eggs as they can. The fuive minutes is soon up and the buzzer sounds as Biggie’s Ninjas count the eggs. 
Biggie tells the housemates to stand behind the white line. Biggie announces that Gino and Tiffini, Sibu and Matthias and Chelsea and Mbali go through to the final round of “Something fishy”

The royals seem to be moving in the right direction


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