Thursday, April 11 2024
The housemates are all officially in! Well atleast for now. ‘First come, first serve’, was the spirit embodied by the first pair of housemates, Bongi and Khali, when they entered the house. The lovebirds surveyed their new surroundings and quickly proclaimed the double bed as their own. No prizes for guessing why that was the first call they made…
The two weren’t alone for long though and were soon joined by cousins Soxx and Becks as well as exes Thembi and Adams who balanced out the energies in the house. Out of respect for a higher power though, Soxx and Becks also quickly said a little prayer before shouting, “Let’s go get drunk!”
While pleasantries were still being exchanged and the new housemates were taking in the house the final two pairs for the night entered to the delight of rest of the housemates. While siblings Gino and Tiffini maintained their calm and collected demeanour, jovial soulmates Ace and Ntombi interacted and embraced their new housemates like they’d been reunited with old friends.
Once the introductions were complete though it was down to serious business and the fun times were officially under way! While the housemates party tonight away it’ll be interesting to see if they’re in the same high spirits when ten more individuals join them tomorrow.



Big Brother Mzansi first night, Find what happened

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