Saturday, April 20 2024

With all the wonderfully unique personalities that have inhabited the house it’s lovely to see that there’s been nothing but singing and laughter during the first few hours of the first night for the initial group of housemates.

The ‘getting to know each other’ phase started with Adams being grilled on why he came to the house with his ex-girlfriend Tembi, to which they simply explained, “fate brought us together.” Bongi and Khali also shared a heart-warming tale of how the first kiss they shared was around the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve.

The housemates then found common ground when they all agreed that Biggie had supplied them with far too little alcohol and they proceeded to give themselves their first task; operation ‘find some booze’! Sadly the operation was not a success.

Gino and Ntombi sparked an unlikely friendship when they dabbled in a round of food tasting quietly in the kitchen before returning to the buzzing conversation in the outside area.

As the conversations continued to flow Adams unleashed his guitar and lead the other housemates in song that included an ode to Biggie, willing him to open up his heart and give the housemates more alcohol.

The housemates eventually peeled off to their separate beds as they called it a night but not before Soxx somehow found himself temporarily stuck in the Conspiracy Booth.


The housemates are all officially in


Bongi gets to feel his three months old girlfriend's A$$

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