Friday, July 19 2024
Khali and Bongi took some time out in the garden this afternoon to have a heart to heart. The new lovers bond seemed to have strengthened in the house and they expressed their love for each other. They playfully teased each other with Khali saying “You are in love with a crazy person.” 
They were enjoying each others company with Khali playfully touching Bongi’s eyebrows. They burst out into song, singing the lines “I don’t mind, I don’t care, I’m going to be a millionaire.” She rested her hands on Bongi’s chest after waxing lyrical about his muscles, saying that he was the second biggest guy in the house, after Sibu..
They exuded a quiet confidence belying their tenuous stay in the house with tonights live eviction show looming large. If they were nervous, they were not showing it. Khali and Bongi are a strong couple that feel they are front runners for the prize. 
In their nominations diary session, later on, they said that should they survive the eviction show tonight, then the only stiff competition that they face is that from Ace and Ntombi. Khali appeared to have regained her cool after her spat with Matthias on Saturday night. 

The time is now, nominated housemates have their bags ready


Mathias and Sibu get the gate

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