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morninTime Check; 08:10: The boys are all sweating thanks to the intense exercise session going on.

Time Check; 08:45: As for the girls, they’ve decided to sleep in this morning.

Time Check; 08:55: The boys had agreed not to go to the gym this morning but it surely seems they had a change of heart.

Time Check; 09:20: How well would you spend the R1 Million if you won it? Share with us…

Time Check; 09:45: Mandla and MK talk marriage, MK emphasizes that it’s not something to be toyed with, in other words, it should be taken seriously.

Time Check; 09:58: The buzzer goes off and it’s time to jog, however, the girls look exhausted and complain because Biggie has disrupted their sleep.

Time Check; 10:14: Sol talks about his work and work place, could he be missing waking up and going to work already?

Time Check; 10:51: Another buzzer goes off and it’s  time to run, you just heard that finalists, so get to work already.

Time Check; 12:00: Mandla seems to be bored as he asks Kat about the whereabouts of the game of Dominoes.

Time Check; 12:14: Mandla and Kat talk about cheating, he thinks that if women came together, they could put a stop to it. He then offers to fry some eggs for Kat!

Time Check; 12:35: Loko dons a traditional wear, she’s stunning.

Time Check; 12:56: Biggie instructs the finalists to close the front doors and remain indoors until further notice.

Time Check; 12:58: Sheriff Loko is then summoned to the Diary room.

Time Check; 13:02: Loko was called to collect a Task brief and it reads that the Task for today requires bravery. Housemates need to do some guessing after putting their hand one by one inside ten opened boxes which will be placed in the garden.

Time Check; 13:10: The boxes for the task will have unknown objects, this already seems terrifying for the housemates, Kat seems to have a negative about all this.

Time Check; 13:17: The finalists take guesses on what could be the contents of the mysterious boxes, they think they could contain pythons, people or even Kgosi, hmmm…

Time Check; 13:27: Nostalgia sets in as the finalists talk abut the salad days they’ve had in the house in the recent past.

Time Check; 13:47: The task is about to begin and the finalists ready themselves as Biggie shares with them the instructions in the garden.

Time Check; 13:49: The task kicks off with Mandla as he puts his hand in the box, he tells Biggie that it feels like a centipede. He just came close as Biggie says they were worms. Scary, huh?

Time Check; 13:51: A terrified Kat explores the next box and screams. She says it’s a snake and she surely nails it!

Time Check; 13:55: Sol of the house goes next and he says what he felt was a spider. True there, but he fails the leg count as he says they were 6 legs instead of eight.

Time Check; 16:00: It’s MK’s turn but as he goes for it, a stunning Lola enters the house.

Time Check; 16:29 During her Diary Session, Loko tells Biggie that she was happy to Lola and she wishes she could have been able to chat to her.

Time Check; 16:49 HoH Loko, reads her fellow Housemates the Task Presentation Brief.

Time Check; 17:59Sol asks Kat if she could lend him an ear Kat brushes him off. Over the eternal flame He confides in Mandla about his relationship with his girlfriend on the outside.

Time Check; 18:36 Sol seems to be on to be something. He speculates about the end being nearer than they thought. He plants a seed of doubt inside MK and Mandla’s minds.

Time Check; 19:17 Task Presentation begins as the Olympic award ceremony takes off. Kat and Mandla’s acceptance speeches are as heartfelt as ever.

Time Check; 19:32 Following Team leader Loko encouraging acceptance speech, Husband-of-the-House MK steps up to the podium at points out that team work has had a great impact on their Endurance. He befittingly dedicates his medal to the ladies of the House.

Time Check; 20:00 The olympian’s gave melodramatic speeches of their pain and suffering during the various Tasks of Endurance. Biggie gives them a reward at the end of the day.

-By-Bigg Mzansi 

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