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With the new season just kicking off few days back and housemates getting used to the new house where they will spend 56 days, Lexi a former Big Brother Mzansi housemate has come out to criticize the capabilities and looks of the new housemates referring to them as looking scary and much older than they claim to be.She further noted that they played the game at higher levels and that it will be so hard for the incoming housemates to match the level they set last season. Remember the couple, Mandlexi, was among the throng that graced the launch of season 2. What do you take of Lexi’s comments? Don’t you think it’s to early to call?
 Take a look at what she said

We set the bar too high last year. Hai shame it’ll be so hard to top us
— Lexi Van (@van_lexi) March 23, 2015

But the housemates look older then their age. Yoh!!!
— Lexi Van (@van_lexi) March 23, 2015

I would ask for an instant voluntary exit, Sibu looks scary 😨😨
— Lexi Van (@van_lexi) March 23, 2015

She further went on to describe them as being weird.

I don’t think I woulda survived in this house, with these weird HMs.
— Lexi Van (@van_lexi) March 23, 2015



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