Sunday, April 21 2024
The guys made pizza for supper last night while Chelsea and Mbali gossiped about Gino and Tiffini’s relationship. They said that Tiffini, did not say too much and her brother was trying to fit in because he was older than all of them. They also mentioned Adams flirtatious behaviour which was getting out of hand.
Kay told other housemates that she was kicked out of a multi-racial school because she could not speak English and said that she dislikes the language, but she bets she wrote better essays than her classmates.  According to her, “even though you can speak the language, it does not mean you can write it.” The guys listened, but the girls looked disinterested, was she blowing her own horn?
Matthias came clean to Khali that he did not like the strip tease from Tuesday night. He said that he felt that the housemates did it as a dare for the benefit of everyone.
Matthias and Khali spoke about interesting couples in the house and pointed out that people were changing their behaviour hour by hour. They also said that with Ntombi and Ace, you know what will come out of their mouths.  They spoke about Matthias’s “Strategy of Umgusha” and when he will decide to play it. He stated that his strategy was about bringing people together and finding out what is inside the house and on peoples mind.
The Head of House Ex was all about freedom of speech and he was democratic about his position in the house. Some housemates felt that people in the house are holding back and no one had shown threatening behaviour. Only beavioural patterns had provoked a great deal of thought about what might happen in the future.
Remember, this week’s nominations are all fake and there will be no evictions this Sunday.

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