Friday, July 19 2024
One of our favourite Mzansi celebs will be back on the TV screen after a two year hiatus.
In a released statement, Gail seems amped to be joining one of South Africa’s watched shows’ cast as Sarah Westbrook who is described as a “feisty, ambitious and hard working woman”.
“I got a call about the opportunity and the timing was perfect. I read the script and found the character interesting,” Gail says in the statement
“So I went in to audition, and the Generations team was very welcoming so to me it just felt right. It was also perfect for me because it wasn’t too demanding at first, with my daughter only 2 months old when I started shooting,” she reveals.
Gail is also looking forward to working with her Rockville and The Wild co-star, Connie Ferguson.
“Connie is like a big sister to me, so we never stopped communicating or seeing each other since our last project,” she says of Ferguson.
“Although we have not yet shot scenes together for Generations, I totally love working with her, we have lots of fun. It’s also been a pleasure meeting the rest of the cast and crew. Working with professional and committed co-stars makes the job much easier.”
We’re excited because we’ve missed seeing Mrs Mabalane’s gorgeous face on our television screens.

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