Friday, July 19 2024

It was that time again,the moment of truth for one unlucky couple to leave the house to join Lebo, Ex, Matthias and Sibu as evictees from Biggie’s House. Mad “Uncle” Gino, the oldest member of the house and his sister were pitted against cousins Soxx and Bexx and against “The Powerpuff girls.” At least Chelsea and Mbalui would have some money at least.
The auditor confirmed that the votes had all been correctly audited. Lungile spoke to Khali about her birthday and the lovely cake and flowers that Bongi had given her. Mbali discussed how the competition had gone with the liquid diet. 
The drone went on for a while as the six housemates were kept waiting, nervously. Lungile told Bexx and Soxx to be seated, Gino and Tiffini were the third couple to be evicted, they hugged as many housemates as they could.

Party time, Who are you excited to see?


Ace, K2 & Adams required to apologize to Bexx

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