Saturday, April 20 2024

For quite a while we have been so curious to know what exactly was talked about in the men’s conference, what strategy the Boys are planning. All this was discussed in the men’s conference.

Today we take a brief look at what transpired in the Men’s Conference

  • Themba is into Mpho but won’t pursue her because Libo has shown interest.
  • Vyno knows Terry wants him but he’s into Venus
  • Tulz is 50 – 50 with Nale
  • Gash1 is into Mpho but will continue using everyone to make her feel jealous.
  • Libo still wants Mpho even though he can see that Gash1 wants her too.
  • B.U will not chase Acacia and Yoli away but he’s also interested in Venus.
  • All guys agreed that the top girls in the house are first, Mpho and Venus comes second.
  • They agreed that Thato is hot too but lacks self confidence.
  • Zino is still focused on his girl outside the house.
  • All the guys confirmed that Terry is into Vyno

We shall continue to update the list, check back soon for more updates about the Men’s conference.


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