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During today’s Diary Sessions, all the Housemates spoke about the current vibes in the House. The problem is – they don’t agree on what those vibes are.

Housemates have started to show outright animosity toward one another, gossip is rife and snide remarks are the order of the day.

Some Housemates, however, seem to be of an entirely different opinion. “This week was definitely calmer,” was how Sis Tamara put it. Zino – always positive – agreed. “The mood has changed in the house,” he claimed. “It’s better now. The energy just keeps rising.”

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Themba was also of the opinion that, “people are getting along. There will always be ups and downs, but it’s way better.” Obviously, all this happy-go-lucky feeling had us starting to worry. We had, after all, just written about how they weren’t getting along. Luckily for our editorial egos, however, Mvelo came to our rescue:  “There’s no longer the notion of, ‘let’s all hold hands, sing one song, be happy together.’ One thing I picked up is most Housemates are just over one another.”

diary session day 2 nthabii

“The Housemates that are putting in an effort are bothered,” complained Venus, referring to the House failing yet another Wager Task despite the best efforts of some. “I’m taking the fall for everybody,” complained Acacia, suggesting that she sees herself as one of those that tries, especially on the cleaning front. Nthabii also raised the same issue. “I don’t understand how people can work in a dirty area,” she said. “It gets tiring for the individual that can’t live in a pigsty.”

Norman was a bit more specific. “Some people can’t look me in the eyes.” After he made it clear that he was talking about Themba, Big Brother asked Norman if he thought he felt that Themba might be feeling guilty about something. “Guilt? I don’t know if snakes usually have a conscience.” Yoh!

mpho diary session day 2

Summing the situation up quite nicely was Mphowabadimo. “We are not one.” She went on to talk about how she feels she is being perceived. “There are certain comments being made. Some people are super-excited about Sunday – that I’m leaving.” Of course, nobody knows who is leaving on Sunday. We’ll find that out on Sunday.

Between now and then, however, we have the Saturday night party. We’ll have to wait for that to see which of these conflicting storylines wins out, in the end.


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