Tuesday, April 16 2024
Soxx and Tembi seemed to be ticking steadily like a fine tuned clock… till K2 threw a spanner in the works.
Their partnership came about under unexpected circumstances but the two did their best to make it work and forge on with their pursuit for the R2million. Their resilience paid off as before the ink had even dried on their pact, they won themselves the Head of House title.
By all measure things seemed well in Tembi and Soxx land but unbeknown to them, a snake lay in the grass awaiting to strike at the opportune moment. And the he thorn in their relationship’s side came in the form of a charmer named K2.
For the longest time, while Tembi and Soxx always had feelings for each other that were known to all, Tembi also took a liking to the suave K2 and he was more than willing to reciprocate her emotions. Carefully giving her just the right amount of attention, K2 managed to spark an attraction in Tembi without raising the alarm with his other love interest, Blue.
The love triangle however has come at a cost. The once strong bond between the new pair has started to unravel at an alarming rate. Despite Soxx’s best efforts to warn Tembi about K2’s cunning ways, the outspoken damsel found herself falling deeper for K2 and increasingly finding fault with her partner. It was the perfect recipe for disaster.
As Day 30 came to an end, the ill-fated partnership came to what may very well be the end. While they lay side by side in bed, Soxx and Tembi had a heated exchange of words with the most flaming of insults flying back and forth. With no resolve in sight and the fight only ending because Biggie made everyone rush downstairs to dance, Tembi’s latest encounter with K2 seems to have been the straw that broke the camel’s back in her relationship.
K2’s magic appears to have finally achieved the desired result but with Soxx proclaiming that anger aside he’s still madly inlove with Tembi, will we see him making a last ditch effort to fight for his woman or is he going to sit and hope K2 gets evicted this Sunday?
Whatever Soxx decides, he better act fast! They’ve put a spell on his girl. 

The greedy gals are back on the chopping block, will they escape?


Real Embarrassment Ace

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