Monday, April 15 2024

Big Brother Mzansi Secrets has been a game straight from the start and just like any other game, there can only be one winner and that means, after eighteen Housemates and 63 days, even the toughest competition would be won over. That is just the nature of the Big Brother Game; one will takes all. While Sol, Loko and MK must have been aware of this eventual outcome, they, like every gambler, held out for that coveted spot.

It has been a trying and testing adventure for the trio with some finding love, some more than once and most falling into one to many altercations. It’s one thing for sure Sol, Loko and MK were there to live and tell the story.

Sol of the House became a Household name and while he may have riled many up the wrong way, added to the general noise pollution, he most certainly gave on entertaining performance after the other. Whether he was eating or screaming or laughing out loud, his was a mind that was always at work. We often felt sorry for the poor vital organ.

As he mounted the stage and found out he had indeed made it to the Finale, he confessed he’d known and predicted Mandla to be the winner. He made a bet with MK about today being the Finale so it looks like MK owes this brother some doe for sure.

Then came MK. Uncle and mister to many wives. MK was like the resident encyclopedia, knowing more about everything than any other Housemate. Having set high standards of and for himself it must have stung not to have won a single Immunity or HoH challenge. A guy who was so sure he nailed the Game and had a few more weeks in store the shock and horror was written on his face.

The Nduna handed his Final diplomatic hugs to a Mandla and Loko. Was that MK we saw blushing as all his fans? He expressed his delight at the experience and when told the Big Secret he made good on his bet with Sol.

Then there was Loko. Coiner of the infamous term ‘bump the likhwa’ and Juiliet to Poolie’s Romeo, this soul sister hipster was always amped to rev up the engine and get the party started. Her peace-loving, hip-swaying demeanor was always infectious even when it fell into conspiring company. She was the first member of the most entertaining Lokiris, who provided enough shimmying to last a life time.

It seemed her safety lap had ended and she simply couldn’t hide her nerves when it was just her and Mandla up on the stake. When asked about ‘Pooloko’ the lady did what a lady should and never told.

What a journey it’s been for these three. Buy them a drink when run into them on the outside because boy do they need one.

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And The Big Brother Mzansi Secrets Winner Is Mandla


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