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fightsWhat would Big Brother be without a bit of ruffling of feathers here and there?

The inaugural season of Big Brother Mzansi had its fair share of tiffs and like they always say; the Big Brother House is not for the faint at heart.

Now that the game is over and Mandla won the Million, it’s clear that there’s happiness all round. If this collage posted by Jase doesn’t convince you, then nothing will.
How cute is that though?

Looking at that ‘happy family’ collage, one would swear that things have always been honky dory between the Housemates. Well, not in Biggie’s House.

The most heartbreaking incident of the Season has to be Mbali’s Disqualification from the game after his altercation with Iris and Jenayne in the Chamber. For someone who could have been easily upgraded to the main House the next day, Mbali must have kicked himself.
However, that was just the beginning of a spate of fights, altercations and back-stabbing. Hot lovers of the Season Mandla and Lexi, affectionately known as Mandlexi had a heated argument fueled by the Secrets game that the girls had to try and crack. Mandla felt that Lexi had only been close to him because she wanted to crack his Secret. It was bad!

If there would be a queen of hate, that would undoubtedly be the sexy Lexi. She hated everything about everyone and the venom she spit during her Diary sessions was unprintable. She and Iris didn’t see eye to eye from the onset and they were constantly baying for each other’s blood.

Then there was Sol and Thando. Boy did these two love to hate each other. If it wasn’t Thando complaining about how uncouth Sol is, it was Sol blabbering about Thando being sly.

The most hilarious reaction of the Season would have to be Lola’s to the toilet chocolate prank. If she had it her way, she would have butchered Jase and whoever else was involved in pulling off that prank. The guys had decided to melt chocolate and smudge it all over the toilet seat, sending Lola to a fit. However, it was Mzamo who felt her wrath as she reiterated by squeezing out as much lotion as she could, on his bed linen.

At this point there was a clear divide in the House. There were officially two camps and Nominations were getting interesting. Lola, Thando, Poolie and Jase were on one side and Kat, MK, Mandla, Sol and Iris on the other side. Mzamo and Loko were the roving extras.

Mandla and Jase faced off in a rather dramatic episode after Jase was caught out pinching Shap Shaps after one Task win. It was a classic case of two bulls as none of them wanted to back down and menacingly stared into the other’s eyes as if to prove their bravery.

The bad blood in the House led to conspiracy and Biggie was ready with Strikes. Jase, Thandoand Lola were handed their Strikes for plotting the nasty. Lexi was also served with a Strike after smashing a bottle during a confrontation with Lola. Biggie issued another Strike for bad behavior to the conspiring tribe; Thando, Kat, Mzamo, Loko and Iris and this set the trend for harmony in the House.

The Housemates started treading carefully as they could see that their days were numbered. Though there was so much tension in the House, most of the beef was squashed before the Housemates left the House. Even Iris and Lexi started ‘sharing jokes’. Well, we not sure about Thando and Sol though maybe one of them needs to grow up.

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