Saturday, July 20 2024

loveSuite 501 is starting to let us know about some Mzansi Secrets and we are convinced that as long as Kat and Sol are still in there, we shall still find out more. Well, according to Sol, HoH Loko was so drunk 30 minutes before the Live Show last Sunday!

The revelation was made in Suite 501 where Kat and Sol are spending some ample time after winning different individual tasks on Friday and Monday respectively.

Sol filled in Kat on what happened on Sunday that Loko had  stolen a bottle and actually drunk it 30-minutes to the Live Show, so she  was drunk throughout the show, stressing that no wonder she danced like a crazy person that night. Sol let out his disappointment with Loko and said that she didn’t expect her to steal alcohol, emphasizing that he expected the likes of Lexi to behave in such a manner but Loko.

Sol therefore plans to get back at Loko and steal her favourite whiskey as soon he gets back to the house, this will surely be some drama to watch out for.

Kat also sided with him and promised to put Loko in her place and advise her to stop stepping beyond the line. We all know how close Kat and Loko are and we are wondering how Kat will confront her friend.

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