Thursday, April 11 2024

loveUpon winning the Immunity Challenge this afternoon, Sol got subjected to the treat of a lifetime; a chance to spend time with Kat in the privacy of Suite 501, with champagne and gourmet food for company. Must be nice!

A side from scoring himself an automatic Big Brother Mzansi Finale entry, things seem to be looking up in the romance department for the deejay. Big Brother let Sol in on the fact that he had won the treat of treats in the Diary Room.

On ordering all the Housemates to get to the garden, Sol remained indoors and before any questions came his way, he closed the door behind his fellows and moved his bags to his new digs. As soon as he spotted Kat laying on the Suite bed, Sol made a beeline for her and showed her just how much he had missed her, with a little hump here, and a little hump there. They do say absence makes the heart grow fonder!

Kat seemed excited to have someone to talk to and engaged her suitor in conversation. Later in the evening, the couple had supper and washed it down with booze, then settled into bed for a lengthy chat. Kat being the flirt that she is, threw her legs over Sol and engaged in a little verbal jousting, which Sol seemed to be enjoying immensely. At some point in the evening, Sol even found the time to eat a chip off of Kat’s butt. Could this little getaway in Suite 501 be exactly what Sol needs to take it to the next level with Kat? Maybe!

Kat and Sol have two more days to spend by their lonesome and if the deejay hasn’t scored by Thursday, he can forget about it and call it a day. We know Kat drives a hard bargain, so Sol definitely needs to put in work.

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Sol in Finale after winning Immunity!


MK joins Sol, Kat And Loko In Finale

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