Sunday, April 21 2024

solKat was kind enough to give us her version of events that are taking place in Suite 501 yesterday, that is, Sol in her bed and Sol in the House. Today, Sol just went all out during his dairy session over the exact events.

To kick it all off, Sol told Biggie that he was bored with Kat’s company, unless she has had a couple of drinks or three or four. “Booze makes her relaxed” said Sol, “remember what happened with MK in the jacuzzi on Friday, she’d had a few then and she had a few last night”. He gave Biggie an account of the evening that was last night when Kat slipped into a sexy little number and pretended to read a book, all the while vying for a little Sol love out of the corner of her eye and then, dear readers, she asked Sol for a ‘butt massage’. “So I gave her one Biggie, and things got pretty steamy. She got my attention in the end”.

He also told biggie that Kat is very forthcoming when under the influence of alcohol. Last night Sol nearly got lucky under the covers but nothing worthwhile mentioning happened and the problem was with Kat; according to Sol she thinks she can snap her fingers and command men at her beck and call because she knows she’s hot.

He continued to explain that on Kat had enough of Sol’s ‘massaging’, she got up and fetched a glass of water and sobered up very fast, a pont at which on her return to bed, she put a pillow between her and Sol as if to signal ‘the boundary is up, do not cross’.

“Kat toys with men’s weaknesses, you know what that means, it’s not fair” continued Sol. “When I tell her I want to marry her and I love her one day and then flip the coin and I pull away the next day, she gets really angry and tells me I am toying with her emotions”. It’s here that Sol noticed the irony, Kat does exactly the same but instead uses men’s sexual weaknesses, where Sol admitted that it’s emotions that are a women’s shortfall. “I will not be toyed with” said Sol of Suite 501!

These two will need some down time when they get back to the House, we can kiss any future canoodling activities a fond farewell.

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  1. If she is not playing with sol's feelings she busy hating Lexi and Loko. Kat is shallow and full of hate. Thank you biggy for taking her out of the house, Loko and Lexi were happier. Iris should have gone with kat, she is boring and moody.

  2. sol u are correct kat is good in flirting next victim will be emmet and he will meet his match of this alch0hol driven kat . to me sol don't plan to marry coz she will flirt with anyone for anything and who knows does she end there

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