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Mpho possesses a gift from the gods and that gift has the power to heal, feel and see things that the next person can’t.

Before entering the House Mpho had contemplated whether or not she should keep her identity a secret from the other Housemates. She wanted them to get to know her outside of her gift first, but that’s now how things work, so we’ve all seen.

Mpho big brother mzansi 2022

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Mpho picks up a lot of energy and sometimes she gets messages for her fellow Housemates. Her first spiritual encounter was with Libo and his great grandfather was trying to communicate a message of stillness and trusting the process to him. She mentioned a few other personal things that seemed to resonate with Libo and he was welcoming of the message.

Mpho big brother mzansi 2022

Her second spiritual encounter was with Dinkybliss and she managed to see and get Dinky to open up about how she has a calling that she hasn’t responded to. She gets along well with most of the Housemates and can engage in casual conversation.

Themba big brother mzansi 2022

Will this affect her strategy in the House? Will she be able to continue to filter herself? What’s happens if the next person she talks to isn’t as welcoming of her gift?

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Day 6: The first epic Saturday Night Party – BBMzansi


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