Tuesday, April 16 2024

arenaFinally, we got the final six that did survive last night’s relationship-wrecking Eviction. To keep them a bit active, Biggie threw them a huge curve ball today with the obstacle course Arena Game. As the Head Of House read out the brief, it was clear that the Housemates with their eyes swollen from crying all night.

The Housemates were spilt into two teams that were gender specific, so it was the boys against the girls this time. The Challenge was incredibly physical and therefore the Housemates all had a chance to warm up and prepare to get dirty. Which naturally left Mandla with the brilliant idea of wearing nothing but his underwear (again).

The concept was simple, the team who completed the obstacle course in the shortest time would be victorious.

The first order of the obstacle course was to climb over a hefty blue wall and descend over the other side, the Housemates were allowed to help each other over the wall and then slowly let themselves down onto the mattress on the other side.

Next was the tyre obstacle where the Housemates had to run through this and then walk over a yellow balance beam and then cross over the green monkey bars.

This turned out to be a hug challenge for Sol who had to go back and re do this obstacle roughly four times.
The rope bridge was a cinch compared to the dreaded monkey bars and thereafter the Housemates were provided with a small pit stop before they had to attempt the red bridge.

This required the Housemates to run up the bridge and descend over the other side where there was a mattress provided and once again, they were not allowed to jump down but rather help each other.

Throughout the entire course there were ninja’s on standby to demonstrate as well as a medic just in case anyone got injured.
Even though there were two broken hearts in this game, it was evident that some physical exercise was a good thing for them, during all the obstacles both teams could be seen cheering each other on, punctuated with smiles, concentration and laughter.

If there was anyone who let the team down it was little miss Iris who was constantly complaining and came across as rather lazy.

This was a Task that required the Housemates to use both their mind and body which was good for the soul which was good for Miss Loko who looked positively shattered after losing her love Poolie last night.

After all was said and done Team B which consisted of MK, Sol and Mandla won this vicious test of physical prowess.

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