Friday, July 19 2024
Now for the hard part of the game. After all that first-time merriment it was time for the game to get under way. Without any waste of time Biggie was calling the housemates one after the other, into the diary room to individually nominate the couples they reckon don’t deserve to be in the Big Brother Mzansi house.
Naturally, the general feeling was that housemates hardly knew one another and so found it difficult to make authentic nominations. But, as Biggie reminded, this was how the cookie crumbled.
For a while it looked like Ace and Ntombi were leading the pack but then it seemed Lebo and Ex where the phrase on everyone’s lips. 
While several felt that Ntombi would do better to come out of her shell other’s couldn’t tell if Lebo’s accent was fake or real especially after she and Ex cooked up an elaborate scheme to dupe the housemates into believing she did not speak any vernacular languages. This is the very reason for which proud kasi girl Kay put her and her partner, Ex, up.
Then it seemed Bongi and Khali found their way onto the dreaded list with K2 and Blue following close behind. Ace and others remain unimpressed with Bongi and Khali pointing out that there was something “weird” about thier relationship.
With very little to go on, it’s anyone’s game. Which pair do you reckon is the weakest link? 



Just good times inside the house

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