Friday, July 19 2024

laundryTime check; 08:55: Housemates continue sleeping in this morning, they are probably still exhausted after yesterday Arena games.

Time check; 09:32: Mandla does his laundry, but it seems he’s lost in his own little world, what’s up Mandla?

Time check; 10:02: After doing away with his laundry, Mandla grabs a glass of milk and a banana and makes himself comfortable in the bedroom.

Time check; 11:00: The mood in the house is generally relaxed, one would even think that they are worried about the fast approaching grand finale, but they hardly have an idea that it’s actually this Sunday. So what’s up with our finalists today? Biggie please think of something.

Time check; 12:00: HoH Loko is summoned to the Diary room for the task brief.

Time check; 12:28: It’s  endurance week and Housemates endurance shall be put to test.

Time check; 13:00: Housemates try coming up with the best strategies to help them nail this week’s tasks.

Time check; 14:30: Diaries keep off and the main topic of discussion is the week’s Wager.

-By-Bigg Mzansi 

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Kat lures Mandla into her Bed!


Wager: Say No to Naps, Dosing & Sleep


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