Monday, April 22 2024

kat (1)The show will be ending in 9-days time and it seems some housemates still have a lot up their sleeves if the likes of Kat’s plans are anything to go by.

For sometime now, the outspoken and go-for-it-all Kat has been having a plan to to get into the the confines of ‘Mandlexi’, or to put it straight forward, grab Mandla under Lexi’s nose. But hey, will such a plan work? And what will she gain by ‘stealing’ Mandla away from Lexi?

Well, to kick start her plan, this morning, Kat invaded the room where Mandla and Lexi slept, as if that wasn’t enough, she disturbed the pair’s sleep and of course Lexi didn’t like any of her antics.

We all know Lexi’s character, she never takes anybody’s nonsense and Kat should most probably revise her plan because it surely seems that she’s skating on thin ice or  are we wrong?

Oh Kat, from Jase, MK, Poolie, a little something for Emmett, Sol and now Mandla? Hmmm…

Over to you, will she succeed with her plan?

-By-Bigg Mzansi

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