Friday, July 19 2024

caughtThe travel week might have stood as the best week for housemates though not for Iris who bears a different thought, as MK seems to have found a new friend in Emmett he still has not found strength to admit missing kat.

Iris had quite alot to say in a conversation with Kat. She told her friend that her absence made her realise that she was the crutch she’d been leaning on since she was upgraded to the House. She added that her triple blow on Sunday; losing Thando, Mzamo and well…Kat, was just unbearable and made her miserable. What about the fact that Kat had been all over her man in the jacuzzi just the night before? Was all that just water under the bridge?

It would seem as though there has been an unspoken pact between Iris and Kat in relation to who should be with MK. Kat was seen snuggled on the hammock with the lad before her chat with Iris and she (Iris) didn’t seem too concerned.

MK was curious about why Kat likes him and looked very comfortable sharing that hammock with the sultry seductress.

Always the voice of reason, Kat was ready with words of wisdom for Iris. “I want the old Iris back now. It’s never too late. Lift yourself up chommie. Today is the day. I feel like you’ve thrown in the towel,” Kat warned.

Kat has been stirring things up in the House and at this point, she’s determined to laugh in the face of danger. After a few days in Suite 501 with Sol, where she had the pleasure to eavesdrop on the happenings in the House, Kat certainly thinks she has a few missiles to fire moving forward.

The two girls took their chat upstairs where Kat spilled the beans on her recent rendezvous to a shell-shocked Iris. “So you saw everything?” Iris quizzed.

What came out of the entire conversation was that there’s no more ‘Lo’ in Lokiris. After analysing the week’s events, which include Iris’ fight with Loko and Loko’s sudden friendship with the trio’s sworn nemesis, Lexi, the girls are ready to show Loko a ‘shot left’.

What the Housemates don’t know is that it’s too little too late as the game in drawing to a close.

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