Thursday, July 18 2024

musicBiggie has over the time over the course of the Big Brother Mzansi show granted the Housemates one simple joy to get them through even the darkest hours, Music, the most tangible form of magic we have as human beings and never has it been more appreciated in the House than it is right now.

With the theme this week being Endurance and both the flame Task and the cycling Task and the fact that there are only six of them left, the daily dose of infectious local music is like a sweet escape for the Housemates.

The morning would not be complete with a Mandla and Sol tribute to numbers like ‘Rands and Nairas’. ‘Bump the cheese up’ and ‘Doc Shebeleza’.

The next Housemate that lives for the music needs no introduction because we all know how magically she moves, Loko has always been incredibly grateful for the Biggie when he ‘bumps the music.

All the music that Biggie has so graciously played throughout the show has set the tone for many an entertaining moment in the House, like Kat and Loko twerking in the garden or running around like crazed fools, laughing and joking.

A low mood can take its toll on your day-to-day activities, but uplifting music can help you get out of that funk, fast.

Inspirational music and “oldies” music with a fast beat can be a great pick-me-up when you’re having a tough day. If you can sing along to the song—even better!

At any given moment, if Biggie is bumping the music, you will see hips moving, bodies shaking and voices ringing.

Our Housemates have even concocted an array of different remixes and songs that are completely their own. This is Africa and we are a nation of song, dance and music.

Hence why all our Housemates, especially our final six are so vocal, the music keeps them sane and reminds them of all the beautiful moments.

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