Sunday, April 21 2024

After 56 days in the house, Ace and Thombi have emerged this season’s winners, Ntombi and Ace aka Ntombace ‘The Q-nation’. are today shining as millionaires from the Low class.

The tension could be cut with a knife as Ace and Ntombi sat alongside Blue and K2 on the finale stage waiting the big announcement from Lungile. After a heart stopping pause, the envelope was opened to reveal which pair would walk away a whole lot richer and Mzansi newest celebrity couple. And when Lungile finally broke the news there was no containing the excitement as the lovers saw their biggest dream come true!

Ace didn’t waste time running across the stage and breaking out into an energetic dance routine while Ntombi was totally speechless and literally didn’t move an inch. The two literally switched personalities for a moment!

Despite having never won the Head of House title, NtombAce managed to garner the most votes in the finale. Their win was even more astounding as they were the only original couple to make it to the very end. Now with R2million in the bank, they could finally realize their dreams of owning their own home and sending their son to the best school money can buy!

Congratulations to Ace and Ntombi, the winners of Big Brother Mzansi Double Trouble!

Mbali and Chelsea get the boot



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