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Now that the dust has settled on the dramatic announcement of Mphowabadimo’s win, we can now get a word from the winner herself.

Just like most of the other Housemates, Mphowabadimo’s Journey started on the 23rd January 2022 with 18 housemates, who a week later increased to 20 after the introduction of Vyno and Nthabii. Mphowabadimo together with the 19 housemates had been selected from tens of thousands of hopefuls: people oping to jumpstart their careers or – if they could win this thing – take home R2 million along with it.

Big brother mzansi season 4
Top 2 housemates, Gash1 and Mpho together with show Host Lawrence (Center)

She went through a couple of hard times in the house, not so many housemates warmed unto her, being nominated week in, week out but through her strong Fanbase “Underground Gang” she always managed to keep her head above water until the final week, top 10, top 8, top 5, then top 2 and eventually announced the winner.

Mphowabadimo wins big brother mzansi 2022
Mphowabadimo declared winner of big brother mzansi 2022

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She is also – incidentally – the first woman to win any edition of a Big Brother in South Africa, ever.

Since getting out of the house, Mphowabadimo has been quite busy, conducting numerous interviews with different media houses, attending various events among others.

She applauded her fanbase for standing with her through all the thick and tough. she said:

To the underground gang😭

I don’t even know where to start. Firstly i don’t see any of you as fans…yall are family. A family i gained when I thought I had nobody.
I am still in awe of you were so invested in this journey and trust me i see all your efforts. Your prayers, you guys committed to saving me Beke le Beke and i forever be grateful. I leave the house and im still overwhelmed will nothing but love, im crying everyday meeting people telling me how much ive changed their lives. Im a giver at heart but i feel so helpless when all you ever said was “Mpho we don’t want your money just allow us to thank you” im speechless, the selflessness, the love its beautiful but i get it this isnt just normal love but uthando lwedlozi nomdali shining through each of you. The underground gang is not just a fan base ,we are a family, a movement, a force and this is just the beginning.i appreciate you. Through it all il still choose and stan you.

The glitter dust is almost settled and im ready to start winning all over again, thank you for being patient transitioning from house to real world is no walk in the park but ngemithandazo yenu kuhle ngempela. MAKUKHANYE bantwana bedlozi. I love you ngiyanithanda.
You loved me first.

Intombazane mayiphushe, isebenze inikeze nabantu bayo icontent yabo.


Speaking about how grateful she is about her win, Mpho said:

….I entered the show because it was all a dream, a dream that seemed so close but yet so far….
Making it on to the show was my biggest win because out of thousands of thousands the eye chose and saw me, saw my potential and hunger for growth…….

Big Brother 😭 i love you and can never thank you enough, oh biggie lala oh biggie dodo, your house turned into my new home for 71days, it groomed me and molded me into this woman i am today listen …..i see you 😭 i can never Thank you enough and all i can say is Thokoza Biggie 👏🏾…….



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