Friday, July 19 2024

We actually didn’t know that Nale is a very sensitive person, she’s the type of person who looks into any detail regarding the words and actions directed towards her.

Yesterday Nale felt threatened by Themba after he pointed a finger at her, warning her to be careful. Nale said that kept buzzing her head wondering why Themba chose to use those words in more than instance. Nale said she couldn’t take it lightly this time because he has used the same words when he meet her in the lounge with Tulz and in the kitchen.

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She then went on to seek advice from her fellow housemates in the kitchen who advised her to let go but she chose not to because she felt bothered and needed to put it straight. They met with Themba, talked about it and Themba apologised for making her feel threatened and that he saw his mistake and it won’t happen again.

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She then held a meeting with all housemates about the same issue urging other housemates not to take certain words from fellow housemates for granted or settle in an environment where they feel oppressed.

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