Saturday, April 20 2024

partyBiggie truly saved the best for last in this evening’s audibly awesome Channel O party zone featuring none other than DJ Dimplez himself.

This is not his first time with the Big Brother Mzansi fam, he whipped out his best when he performed with Emmy Gee and A B Crazy for their hit ‘Rands and Nairas’ but this evening Dimplez gave us a set to rival all the rest.

There was some old classic and new grooves that amalgamated beautifully in one fluid hour long set that got everyone moving, shaking and smiling from ear to ear.

The attire was one of colour and flavor withLoko, Iris and Kat rocking out deep blue, bright pink and honey bee yellow as their choices.

It was only Sol of the House that kept relatively tame in terms of fashion as both Mandla and MKwere just radiant pops of colour on that dance floor with Mandla sporting a bright red shirt and MK sticking to his new theme of colour blocking in blue and orange.

Dancing was certainly the order of the day, as Dimplez dropped one epic beat after the next, the smiles gre wider and the screams got louder.

There was definitely a little dirty dancing going on as Kat had her eye on Mandla and Sol has his eyes on Iris but nothing too juicy came from these provocative jives, it was all just in good fun.

The dancing carried on way into the night with all the Housemates choosing the garden as their new dance floor and then shamelessly hashing out their moves to every song that Biggie would grace them with.

Kat did not seem her self after the party though and chose to spend much time inside chilling out with Sol, could this of been a ploy to get Mandla’s attention or was she just not as into it as the others?

The liquor was most certainly flowing and there were many a funny moment as each and every Housemate hysterically jumped and screamed at the familiar sound of a favourite song.

All in all the party was a beautiful scene for finishing everything off on a high note, the Housemates were all good sports and the DJ was a devil on the decks.

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