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Themba’s fans are vowed to stand with him even outside the house.

Themba’s supporters who go by the name GhostNation opened a virtual wallet immediately after the end of the show for donations after learning that he had planned to expand his tattoo shop, build a home for his mom and pursue his music career had he won the money.

“My plan was to get a bigger tattoo shop and expand the business. I wanted to build a house for my mother and then invest in my music. The plan was to release a few songs after winning. There was a lot I planned around the money but now that I don’t have it, I will still carry on doing the same but slowly and taking my time with the money I have.”

In an interview with Drum magazine, he said, he was sure he would win.

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“I was sure I would win, but it is what it is, we move. I am disappointed but I am also happy that someone like Mpho won. I am very happy for her. People can’t expect me not to be disappointed. It’s unrealistic. I had big plans for the R2 million but I’m happy Mpho won. At one point in the game, Big Brother asked me who I think should take the money if not me, and I confidently said Mphowabadimo. I am very happy for her. We are still very good friends,” he said.

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Themba’s fans have since opened a GoFundMe account and are making donations from as little as R10. The virtual wallet is currently sits at R79 000 and they are aiming for R2 000 000.

Themba donations


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