Tuesday, April 16 2024
Age: 24
Hometown: Durban
Occupation: Artist/Musician
Partner: Tembi

Currently living between Durban and Estcourt, Adams lists his occupation as ‘struggling artist’ and plays the acoustic guitar, electric guitar and the drums. Adams also enjoys surfing, skateboarding, video games and swimming and says his music, the ocean and his family make him happy. He describes himself as extraordinary, fun, crazy, outgoing and warm hearted, though he says his family would describe him as, ‘always hungry!’ Adams, whose hidden talent is that he can juggle three tennis balls, has two dogs named Dexter and Ginger. He is looking forward to his time on the show, especially going into the Diary Room to tell Biggie how he feels plus ‘the parties after we win tasks and wagers.’ Meanwhile he’s hopeful that audiences will ‘love seeing me serenade the ladies’ and is confident that he’s an entertainer that the country will enjoy watching. Given a chance, Adams would enjoy visiting Zanzibar. His favourite actors are Jonah Hill, James Franco, Leonardo DiCaprio and Seth Rogen. He has entered the show with his ex-girlfriend Tembi.


Housemates: Tembi



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