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The winners of Big Brother Mzansi Double Trouble  “NtombAce” Tshabalala and Nkanyiso “Ace” Khumalo in an interview on MNET spoke about their plans after the house.

The Soweto couple, who won R2 million at the finale on Sunday, are shooting a reality show about their lives. While at M-Net offices, the couple seemed tired but clearly excited. After spending 56 days under the gaze of the cameras in the Big Brother Mzansi house, the film crew in the room doesn’t faze them.
In fact, the couple are loving all the attention. “It’s amazing to know that so many people love and support us,” says 22-year-old Tshabalala.
“Last night, we spent hours taking selfies and posing for pictures for our fans,” adds Khumalo. “It’s overwhelming but we appreciate it.” Tshabalala and Khumalo captured the hearts of Big Brother Mzansi viewers with their romance, which started when Tshabalala was in high school.
“I met Ntombi on a street in Snake Park [Soweto],” explains Khumalo. “She was walking home from high school and I was coming back from college. I noticed how beautiful she was and I thought to myself: ‘If only I was handsome.” I started chatting to her and got her number.”
“I thought he was going to give me taxi money and he didn’t!” Tshabalala says. Khumalo was studying business administration at the Central Johannesburg College in Parktown. A year later, Tshabalala fell pregnant with their son, who they affectionately call “Skhokho” (little tough guy).
“Having our son made us so much stronger as a couple,” explains Tshabalala. “We became closer because everything we did was for him. We entered Big Brother for him because we want him to get a better education and to grow up happy. We were both raised by good parents who provided for us, we wanted to do the same for Skhokho.”
The couple hope to buy a home and move out of Khumalo’s parent’s house in Dobsonville. “Having my own house has always been a big dream of mine. I also promised Ntombi the wedding of her dreams,” Khumalo says.
Speaking on their formula for success on Big Brother, Tshabalala says their only aim was to stay true to themselves and entertain viewers. That’s why they weren’t offended when fans called them “Team Low Class”, as they were seen to represent the average people on the street.
“When I came into this competition, I knew I didn’t want to change the person who I am in order to fit in,” explains Tshabalala. “I will act the way I always act and I will speak the way I speak, even if it’s broken English.”
Details of their reality show are still under wraps, but the couple says their fans will be seeing a lot more of them. Tshabalala dreams of becoming an actor, releasing an album and getting a job in the entertainment industry.
Khumalo is more excited about the business side of things. “Winning Big Brother is only the beginning for us,” he says.

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