Sunday, April 21 2024
Passions ran high when the housemates played truth or dare and one thing housemates ought to know it’s that the truth hurts and people can get mischievous. There was more daring than truth sharing amongst the housemates and the game kicked off with Kay and Chelsea locking lips. The fun times didn’t end there and Pumba even found himself with his manhood briefly on display as part of a dare. The housemates have only been in the house for 2 days and things are already getting hot and heavy!
Some guys were lucky stealers and were able to stick their tongues into other man’s girlfriend’s mouth.

Blue was dared to give Soxx a lap dance and gave him the best enactment which he enjoyed and acknowledged Biggie “This is the best day of my life”. Matthias was dared to suck Kay’s breasts while poor Khali, had to suck Sibu’s man boobs, wow the look on his face! He also had to kneel down and wiggle his behind and that was not the only part that was moving.
Bongi kissed Blue, wonder what went through Khali’s mind when that took place. K2 was dared to make up with Gino but he refused because it was against his religion and some housemates found the game boring because he did not submit.
After a broiling and steamy game, housemates got a treat from Biggie. It’s all kicking off again in the Big Brother House because of course it is; will amorousness happen tonight?

Craziness in Big brother Mzansi House


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