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As Housemates are nominated for possible Eviction, there has been intense drama coupled with a lot of stress.

Here’s what the Housemates who are up for possible Eviction had to say to Biggie during their Diary Sessions …


During her Diary Session, Nale tells Biggie that she feels like there’s a target on her back. She goes further by mentioning that it’s not fair for her to be one of those that have been nominated. Nale ended her session with Biggie by saying her message to those who put her up for possible Eviction, is that they are messing with the wrong girl.


Acacia big brother mzansi

Acacia in her Diary Session tells Biggie that even though she’s always one of the ladies being nominated for possible Eviction, this nomination has caught her by surprise. She says the fact that she speaks her mind about issues is proving to work against her to a certain degree. Acacia warns that Housemates should be weary of individuals in the House who speak less because they are the most dangerous.


Themba big brother mzansi

Themba in his Diary Session tells Biggie that he is uncomfortable as he doesn’t know what’s going to happen on Sunday. He reassures the fans that for now while he waits for Sunday, he will continue to get up, dress up and look good.



In her Diary Session, Nthabii says that individuals are protecting their friends. She also makes it known that since arriving in the Big Brother Mzansi House, she hasn’t disrespected anyone.



Zino in his Diary Session tells Biggies that he is starting to see people for who they truly are. He says that the strategy in the House is for individuals to nominate anyone who is a threat.



Vyno in his Diary Session says the fact that he and Nthabii are up for possible Eviction doesn’t surprise him. He feels that certain individuals in the House are threatened by him because of his music career.


Mpho big brother mzansi

Mphowabadimo in her Diary Session tells Biggie that she will stay in the House because people want her to stay there. She also mentions that the ladies in the House will never be a close unit.


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