Friday, July 19 2024

crackWith the Endurance week in motion, fatigue has become the order of the day. What’s interesting though is that none of the Finalists have guessed that this just may be their Final week in the game.

Even though Sol was quite close when he suggested that perhaps the reason Lola was still in Joburg was because the Finale would be next week. Wrong Sol!

It would certainly be fun to start stalking the Housemates and see if anyone else will mention this fact before the Finale.

Often times people talk of having a sixth sense and we have seen this in display during Nominations in the House. We’ve seen Swapped Housemates just having that funny feeling that they were up, or even going home for that matter and they actually were or did.

So, right now when it matters the most, none of the Finalists has stirred the mood in the House and brought up this subject.

One would have thought that Biggie telling them that they were all up for possible Eviction till the end of the Season would strike a chord. Perhaps the Finalists are too exhausted to think beyond what they are facing right now – keeping Biggie’s fire burning!

However, it wasn’t long before Biggie threw in another Statue session. This time, it was Mandla’s friend who made an appearance in the House.

Mandla couldn’t contain himself and mumbled responses to his friend. “Give me a kiss,” Mandla begged. His friend obliged and smacked Mandla’s tummy. So sweet!

Having Mandla’s friend in the House could have derailed the Housemates even more. Why would Biggie bring him if the Finale was this Sunday anyway? Mhmm!

The theories seem to be getting even intense. All we’re waiting for is one of them to stand by their word that the Finale is this Sunday!

Who is more likely to crack the biggest Secret of the Season?

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