Friday, April 12 2024
Big Brother Mzansi contestant Lexi Van Niekerk was consoled by her millionaire boyfriend Mandla Hlatshwayo as she sobbed in sadness for not making it as the official sexiest girl in Mzansi.
Sowetan LIVE held Mzansi’s Sexiest Awards for 2015 at Room Five in Sandton where TV presenter Pearl Modiadie and actor Nkuli Tshirumbula were crowned title winners.
Just before being titled the sexiest female, fashionably late Modiadie said she is not leaving this venue as the loser.
“I am looking forward to coming out as the winner. I will not accept anything else, she said with a dashing smile.
Mzansi’s Sexiest nominee and actor Israel, said whether he had won or not he knows that he was born sexy and a winner.

“I am looking good tonight, we are here to enjoy a sexy night with my wife and friend. I’m not worried about the title because I was born fabulous, I may have been nominated but I will always be fabulous.”
Don’t confuse Mzansi’s Sexiest Awards for 2015 with Mzansi’s Sexiest Awards for 2016

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