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Big brother Mzansi season 2 finalist and first runners up k2 and Blue dismissed rumors that were spreading about them having their own reality show as well
K2 disclosed that his plan was to use Big Brother as a platform for exposure before venturing into his music career.
He says that he not oblivious to the fact that he was a nobody and that his rap career would not have taken off without any kind of exposure.
“… as for Big Brother, absolutely yes it did help me, that was the plan, that’s why I went to Big Brother so I can get the exposure and platform. To get people to listen to me, at least people who didn’t know who I am. If I drop something, they would at least give me an ear,” explained K2.
His strategy, which has clearly worked, has seen him reach over 100 000 views on YouTube for his first single and getting booked to perform in front of thousand people at the iRock Festival in Polokwane end of September.
“I’m looking forward to sharing the stage with leading day artists, there’s going to some big people there like Khuli Chana and other people that I respect so I’m looking forward to sharing the stage with South African best,” he said.
“If I’m getting that platform then I might be considered as one of the best. I’m looking forward to performing for a big crowd, it’s probably going to be the biggest crowd that I’ve ever performed for.”
K2 is content with how his rap career has taken off but believes that it could be at a higher par, especially considering his ultimate plan of being one of the artists in South Africa.
“I feel like it’s (music career) on the right track, not where I want it to be because I just got started. But for a start I feel like it’s perfect.”
On his nomination into the top 12 guys who are considered ‘s3xy’ by the public, K2 says that he has never seen himself as a s3x symbol but likes the fact that he was chosen among a pool of South African hunks, he wants to win.
“I’ve never really looked at myself as a s3x symbol so I don’t know but I am flattered. I had an idea that you guys are running such a competition and that people would nominate who they want and I’m also getting used to the fact that our following is strong especially on the social media platform so when stuff like that comes up I get that feeling that maybe I might get nominated.”
“There has to be a winner so hopefully it’s me. Listen I like winning, I’m a competitive person in whatever competition I’m in I would like to win it, whether I entered myself or I didn’t enter myself. It’s not even about the title, I just want to be known as a winner.”
Since the commencement of fellow Big Brother Mzansi housemate Ace and Ntombi’s reality tv show, there has been a lot of talk about K2 and his beau Blue also having their own show. He has shut down the rumours saying that the two are both busy with different projects.
“We both busy with our own projects, although we are a brand together, but we also individuals. As you know Blue is also doing her own reality show, she’s doing Diski Divas so she’s occupied with that. And I’m working on my album.
“Once my album is done then maybe, who knows – who knows that the future holds but as for now there’s no plan for a reality show.”

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