Friday, July 19 2024
After a wild week, it was finally time for housemates to let their hair down and party!
DJ Capital was at the helm of the party this eveing and gave everyone a blazing 100% local mix that was thoroughly enjoyed. Earlier in the night it was hard to tell if anyone was even excited for the turn up since most housemates didn’t evenbother dressing up. But as soon as Biggie summoned everyone to the party area, there was a mad rush to the wardrobe to slip into something fancy.
Before the proceedings began though Biggie issued a stern warning about the abuse of alcohol and informed them all that they were not permitted to take any alcohol out of the party once it came to an end. With that slight restriction fully understood it was time to dance the night away and the housemates made the most of the hour of good times.
K2 got to be the star of the night when DJ Capital unexpectedly played his single. The other housemates made the moment even more special for him as they vibed along with as he rapped his track word for word.
Surprisingly enough, turn up queen Kay, was rather laidback and opted to sit quietly in the corner sipping on her drink while everyone else got down to the beats. Maybe the idea of only drinking for an hour upset her and she chose to find her entertainment in the bottle until Chelsea came and showed her some love.
Alcohol may have been limited but tonight they proved that you don’t need to get drunk to have a good time. It was definitely a great ShapShap party! We already can’t wait for the next one

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