Sunday, April 21 2024

What’s with these housemates? Is it the game or the usual pulling pranks on a reality TV show? Well, just as the prepped for the Task presentations last night, K2 and Matthias pulled one on Chelsea when they spilled in her face that she was lazy and playing games with their rehearsals and also not taking her team’s play seriously something that would have impacted on their Wager.

Chelsea also exchanged some few words and told the guys that she could not stand the fact that K2 as a proper leader was not motivating them before they go on stage and she would have loved not being part of the play so she could show them who the dog was in the house.
Meanwhile, Chelsea faced off with the two men telling them off that she knew what she was doing and that they ought to trust for once and not demoralize her few minutes to stage.
Her last words were, Matthias and K2 are not perfect and had their own flaws so they should stop worrying about themselves and take other people’s feelings into consideration.
Do think Blue was being victimized or K2 and Matthias had a point?

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