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Can we conclude that Libo’s Ship is set to sail?

In the past few weeks, Libo has been getting closer to Mphowabadimo with each passing day. It all started with the impromptu reading she gave him by connecting to his ancestors. The connection between them has not stopped as they seem to have found some sort of comfort in each other – from sharing the hottest gossip in the Garden to have their own moments in the House, the pair seems to be making strides in their shipping affairs but hold on there’s someone else in the picture. Libo told Biggie in one of his Diary Sessions that he has his eyes set on Nale. On the flip side,  Libo says “I’d like to ruffle a few feathers. I see that B.U is interested in Venus. I want to see if he can handle a little competition… I know I will come out on top!” Look out B.U.because Libo is ready to scatter whatever he has going on especially now he’s aware that B.U. made unsuccessful advances to Mphowabadimo. Is it just a game for him or is he out to scatter ships?

libo and mpho

Libo may have a number of ladies on his radar but one thing we are rooting for is his confidence, who will fall for it? Mphowabadimo has shown she’s interested in him and even shared a passionate kiss with Libo. It seems like the beginning of a budding ship here, but our key takeaway is, it’s one thing to be interested in someone and another to be expressive about how you feel for them. That said, Libo has been struggling to be vulnerable with both these ladies – given his past heartbreak we think there’s a lot at stake for him if he chooses to fall in love with one of these ladies.

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Yesterday, as soon as the curtains closed, Mpho was spotted in Libo’s arms sobbing and so the drama unfolded. It seems that Mpho is not over her ex and a song played by DJ Stokie for the night reminded her of the love she still has and the hurt she endured in her former relationship.

libo and mpho 2

Now we sympathise with her, but the timing could not have been a worse sting for Libo who had just shared a passionate kiss initiated by Mpho on the dance floor. Just when we thought the ship was sailing tonight, it seems that some emotions she buried were much harder to get over and time hasn’t healed these wounds. However, they managed to talk about it and seem to have the issue sorted out, let us wait and see.


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